We’ve been preparing for days like this.

And we're here to help. If you've been affected by a natural disaster or financial hardship you could be eligible for financial assistance.

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Eligibility Type • Active Full-Time Employee
• Active Part-Time Employee
• Approved Leave without Pay
• Full-Time on Short Term Disability
• Part-Time on Short Term Disability
• Full-Time on FMLA (U.S. Only)
• Part-Time on FMLA (U.S. Only)
• Long Term Disability
• Temp Employee
Disasters Disaster resulting from a Common Carrier/Public Transportation (i.e. - accident on a commercial airplane, passenger train, bus, ferry), Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane, Landslide, Nuclear Hazard/Pollution, Sinkhole, Tornado, Tropical Storm, Typhoon, Wildfire, Winter Storm, Volcanic Eruption
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At some point in life, any of us may face a challenging situation and find ourselves in need of a helping hand. When you make a gift to the fund, you are helping people recover from times of crisis. Your donation makes a direct and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by a catastrophic or personal disaster.
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I am beyond grateful as this was such an unexpected expense. My sincerest thanks to the Relief Fund for being available during these uncertain times.

Grant recipient
McGuffin Grocery Cashier,
Charollotte, NC